Multi-Martial Art & Fitness
Boot Camps

1-3 Month Live-in Training Programsin Thailand, Holland and California.

Limited offer:

Five Key Areas of focus to be Well Rounded in the Martial Arts and Fitness to be a “Total Warrior”:

  1. Multi-Martial Arts
  2. Fitness & Health
  3. Mind Training
  4. Self-defense
  5. Full contact fighting

Each day offers a different style of martial arts or focused training – 5 days per week with weekend for adventure.

  1. Modern Ninjitsu and Weapons
  2. Cross Training, Obstacles, Yoga
  3. Meditation, Motivation, Focus
  4. Krav Maga Style Street Combat
  5. Muay Thai, Sparring, MMA Training

Short (weekly) or long-term (monthly) martial art, fitness, personal growth and leadership camps.

The Worlds FIRST Multi-Martial Arts College of Martial Science – the Total Warrior Program!


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